Afghani in Indy

Kurt has been craving Afghan food lately, specifically lamb kabobs. I did a little research and discovered that Indy's only Afghan restaurant is just 5 minutes from me in Castleton. Between its strip mall location and questionable use of the letter K, I was sketchy about Kabob Korner, but the reviews were positive (glowing even!), so we decided to give it a try last Saturday night.

The restaurant is small and simple, with brightly colored walls, a handful of tables, and a counter where you order. Pitchers of water line one side of the counter along with a red concoction labeled "Very hot sauce". The small sample I had proved this to be accurate, but Kurt used it liberally and didn't find it too hot at all. Then again, this is the man who once chugged a bottle of hot sauce on a dare, so he can't be trusted in these matters. The menu is fairly small, with a variety of kabobs, one vegetarian entree, manto (dumplings) and kurma chalow (meat in tomato sauce). There's baklava for dessert and a small variety of side dishes including samosas, soup, and salad.

Kurt went for lamb kabobs which were served with rice and pita. I chose the kurma chalow with chicken which was flavorful, but not at all spicy. It didn't taste like anything I'd ever had before. The closest I can come to describing it is to say it had a "deep" savory flavor. The chicken pieces were quite tender, and the sauce was mild enough that their flavor came through. I nabbed a little of the white sauce that came with Kurt's lamb, and it was a wonderful addition to my chicken. Kurt loved his lamb. It appeared to be cooked perfectly with a touch of pink in the center. His craving was satisfied, and he'll definitely be returning for more.

I was glad to try something new, but I don't know that I'd ever crave the dish I had. It was good but not spectacular. The flavors didn't grab me the way those in other cuisines (Indian in particular) do. Maybe I'll add a little of the 'very hot sauce' next time to spice things up.

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