An Evening with Chris Isaak

A couple weeks ago, Kurt and I went to Naperville, IL to see Chris Isaak at the Morton Arboretum. We were blessed with perfect weather, an amazing show, and even front row seats! I have no clue how we scored such great seats since it was open seating and there were tons of people already there when we arrived.

He performed several songs from his new album that is coming out this fall. The high point for me was 'Notice the Ring,' a favorite that I thought was too obscure to ever hear in concert. They even added a fab bongo solo. (#76th Law of the Universe: Everything is better with bongos). I think Kurt enjoyed the free-form jam session the best.

Don't miss Chris if he comes to your town! It's a fun show even if it's not your kind of music. Lots of jokes, lots of silliness, and everyone dancing like idiots and having a great time. This is the third time I've been, and it's become one of my favorite summer traditions. Two thumbs way up.


WYA! said...

Geez, how cool are you? You like Chris Isaak (we saw him a looong time ago at the Vogue), you hit the Little Italy festival (which we nearly went to as well), and you've been to Paris-wow!

Rebecca said...

Haw! If you only knew what a dork I really am ... :)