Total Hedgehog Devastation

I admit it. I am maniacally obsessed with fantasy football. I had high hopes for this season after drafting Tom Brady in the first round (yes, you see where this is going). My team, the Hapless Hedgehogs, was ready for total league domination.

Then Sunday happened. Brady is out for the season, my other star player McGahee didn't play, and my minor players couldn't even come through with the paltry 5 points they were expected to get. The result: Hedgehogs 37, Evil opponent: 63. Even worse, this puts me 60 points out of the lead. 60. It's inconceivable.

Early yesterday morning, I traded 8 players out of my team of 15. Hopefully I was able to nab some up-and-comers who no one expected to do well. My QBs are Pennington and Eli Manning. Not bad, but not great. My biggest "star" at this point is Reggie Wayne who, to his credit, managed to score 14 points last week.

Hopefully this is a Bad News Bears story in the making. They did win in the end, right? Sigh ...


Toyoki said...

My lawdie, Becca ... talk about an unfortunate break! (OK, I know, bad pun). ~ Craig

Rebecca said...

It will make our triumph all the more sweet. At least that's what I'm telling myself.