Al-Mar Orchards in Flushing, MI

Kurt and I were assigned the task of heading to the orchard for cider and apples. I assumed we'd head to the well advertised Koen's, but Kurt drove past to the smaller Al-Mar Orchards just up the road. Named for Albert Koen and his wife Margaret, this is a 4th generation family business offering organic produce, homemade cider (and hard cider for those of you who like the hooch), and fresh apple donuts.

If you visit, be sure to head around back to see donkeys, goats, turkeys, and even a herd of reindeer. Kurt struck up a conversation with the owner, 86 year-old Albert Koen, who assured me that none of the animals would ever end up on the dinner table. My kind of guy! He was kind enough to bring us a snack of apples straight from the field and to let us sample the hooch .. er .. hard cider. We even got to feed our apple cores to a reindeer! All in all, a great way to spend a fall afternoon.


Toyoki said...

We don't have anything remotely close to this in Hawaii. I wanna go on a trip to Flushing.

Rebecca said...

If you ever wanna do a house swap, just let me know. I'd be glad to trade Indiana for Hawaii for a while. Especially come January!