Over the years I've tried several bacon substitutes. Veggie bacon is fine on a BLT but unconvincing on its own. Bacon Salt is surprisingly good but overpriced and too salty for many uses. About a month ago, through pure, glorious luck, I learned that Bacos are vegetarian. Vegan even! Apparently, they're some sort of chemistry project made of soy, food coloring, liquid smoke, and several things I can't pronounce and don't want to think about. Normally I would scoff at this, but desperation leads us to do funny things. Since it's been 15 years since I've had real bacon, all I can say with accuracy is that they taste like my memory of bacon - salty, crunchy, and a little smoky. Happiness!

I'm already on my second jar, and things may be getting out of hand. I started out topping potato soup and baked potatoes, the usual. Then I added a few to my morning waffle. Last week, I learned that my snack of herbed cheese and sesame crackers becomes sublime with a few bits of bacon-y goodness on top. I've started looking at everything I eat and wondering how it would taste topped with bacon. My low point came when I was eating a square of chocolate smeared with peanut butter and .. yes ... you see where this is going ... I topped it with some Bacos. And Lord help me, it was good!

I think I need a 12 step program. This can't be healthy.


Toyoki said...

You're fine, Rebecca, so long as you don't crumble any of that on your morning cereal. Or add it to your bubble bath. Really.

I bought some of that bacon salt myself. It's also vegetarian, but a little disappointing. Guess I can give the two unopened bottles away for Christmas; y'know, sneak them into a Secret Santa present!

asha said...

I had peanut butter, bacon, and hot sauce pizza once. It was marvelous!