Birthday rituals

Yesterday, I turned thirty-#$@%! and, as I have for the last decade, went to India Palace with my dad for an excellent (and spicy!) Indian dinner. I had my new favorite, nav ratan shahi korma, and Dad went for his usual, the chicken tikka masala. In addition to papadum, naan, and basmati rice, they've started serving a trio of sauces with dinner: onion chutney, tamarind, and something green and not-so-delicious. The tamarind is so addicting that I'll be heading to the nearest Indian grocery to see if I can pick some up.

After dinner, we went home for presents and a black forest whipped cream cake from Taylor's Bakery. Growing up, I'd always have a homemade black forest cake (thanks Mom!) or a whipped cream cake from Roselyn Bakery. Taylor's has created the best of both worlds by adding layers of cherries to the traditional whipped cream and chocolate. YUM!

All in all, another fun birthday (except for the thirty-whatever part). Thanks to Dad for the great gifts, decorations, and cake!

You'll notice there's only one candle. You know you're getting older when you stop covering the cake with candles. Bah!


Toyoki said...

"Thirty-#$@%!" ain't so bad. Just wait until you reach "sixty-#$@%!"

Still ... Happy Birthday you!

casch said...

Happy Birthday to one of my special friends! Don't mind the thirty-#$@%!! It only gets worse!

Rebecca said...

That's uplifting! Haw!

Thanks all! :)

Bevlove said...

Remember ... you're only as old as you feel. Now,your looks is another story, but you my friend, don't look a day over 27.