Hedgehog Heartbreak

It's been a rough year for my fantasy football team, the Hapless Hedgehogs. Losing my first round draft pick Tom Brady in the first game of the season was just the start of our troubles. My star running back Willis McGahee has been sidelined with one injury after another, and I've been playing musical receivers trying to find some that are healthy and actually see a football once in a while.

I was 15 points down going into last night's New Orleans-Minnesota game with my kicker left to play. 15 points is on the outer edge of possibility for a kicker, so I wasn't too hopeful that we'd pull out a win. Then he make a 53 yard field goal - 5 points! Then a couple PATs. Then a 33 yard field goal. Next thing I knew, the Hogs had a shot!

When I woke up this morning to check the final score, I learned that, as always, the Hogs came up short. Ryan Longwell performed admirably but only got 14 points, meaning we lost (again!) 89-88. That was a season high score for us, so things are looking up at least. Maybe we'll pull one out this week.

Record: 1-4-0
Points: 295 (the leader has over 500)
Position in league: 9/10

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