Nashville Eats: Hob Nob Corner Restaurant

On Tuesday's Brown County trip, Kurt and I stopped in Nashville for lunch. After finally finding a place to park - there's a free lot on the southwest end of town for those willing to walk - we tracked down the Hob Nob Corner Restaurant which had been recommended by both my Dad and his parents (odd that!).

The Hob Nob is in an unassuming white building said to be the oldest commercial structure in Nashville. Basically, follow the scent of chicken to the Nashville House and head across the street. The small entry was full as we entered, and we were told the wait would be about 20 minutes. Thankfully, the wait wasn't quite that long. We used the time to check out the menu and appreciate the simple, old-fashioned style of the restaurant. Wooden booths lined one wall and an old school soda fountain ran along the other. We were seated in the back section of the restaurant which was brighter and more spacious. An apothecary cabinet filled with antique glass bottles and white powders of dubious origin lined the wall behind our table.

The menu offered traditional favorites such as pork tenderloin, grilled cheese, and apple crisp. There were also surprises like a spinach-apple salad, eggplant ravioli and my choice, the curried chicken salad. The sole vegetarian option was an open faced sandwich featuring avocado and veggies topped with melted cheese. Kurt opted for the turkey melt - turkey, bacon, tomato and mozzarella served open face on white bread. The portions were generous and both dishes were excellent. I'm a bit finicky about turkey, but the meat on Kurt's sandwich tasted as if it were sliced off of a home cooked turkey. Two thumbs up!

My chicken salad had a wonderful curry flavor and added crunch from the addition of Jonathan apples and diced celery. It was served with cantaloupe and a homemade onion-dill roll. I noticed onion-dill bread for sale up front and was glad to try it myself. I was worried about the large bits of onion inside, but they were sweet and barely noticeable. The dill flavor could have been more pronounced, but then I'm a huge fan of dill, so that may be a personal bias.

The Hob Nob is a good alternative for those seeking a lighter meal in Nashville. Everything is homemade using quality ingredients, and the old fashioned atmosphere makes for a fun, nostalgic experience. The trick is to get there early since the line had tripled by the time we left at 1pm.


Toyoki said...

Do they serve breakfast? Did you notice any special omelets on the menu?

Rebecca said...

They do serve breakfast! Until 11am everyday. There is an omelet but nothing innovative. Maybe you need to come over form HI and show 'em how it's done!

This site has a copy of the menu: http://browncounty.com/static/index.cfm?action=group&contentID=822