Nashville Eats: Miller's Ice Cream

Before lunch, Kurt and I noticed a sign for homemade ice cream on a brick building just down the street from the Hob Nob. We decided to skip the famous apple crisp at the Hob Nob to give Miller's a try before heading to the park for an afternoon of hiking.

Kurt opted for the peanut butter chocolate chip. It tasted exactly like the peanut butter kisses (does anyone remember those??) that my mom used to buy at Halloween. It was served in a homemade waffle cone, and Kurt, though stuffed, seemed pleased with his choice.

I wanted to try something unusual, so I went with a dip of pumpkin and a dip of apple butter. The apple butter was advertised as being made from a nearby orchard's homemade apple butter. Miller's offers 'junior scoops' for those of us wanting to try multiple flavors (or for those who can't make up their minds). Both flavors were excellent and true to their name. It tasted like fall in a dish! The texture was slightly grainy, but not unpleasantly so.

Story! While I was eating (and Kurt was outside on the phone figuring something out with his editor), two little boys came in and sat down with their ice cream. They looked to be about 4 or 5 years old. Possibly twins, but I couldn't tell for sure. They were super psyched to have vanilla - "the BEST flavor ever!" as they said several times. When their mom came in, one of them said to her, "Look Mom! It's like we're on a date!" Mom leaned in and whispered, "But you're too young, and one of you should be a girl!" Too cute.


Bevlove said...

Nuthin' like good ol' homemade ice cream. They sure have lots of flavors from which to choose.

I like the sugar or the plain cones best. The waffle cones are really too sweet to me. LOL ... you would think the sugar cone would be the sweet one.

Rebecca said...

I always get a dish. Cones bring out my messy side!

Toyoki said...

I like sugar cones myself. It's fun to bite off the pointy end and suck the ice cream outta the bottom.

Kat said...

Hee, or in today's world, they don't need the girl! cute, though.