Scenes from Brown County

Kurt and I took a day trip to Nashville, IN on Tuesday. It was sunny but a bit brisk (translation: when the wind blew, it was cold). Judging from the leaves around Indy, I thought we were just past peak color, but there was still lots of green down south. Nashville was bustling, but the park was nearly deserted. We had the trails (and the backcountry when Kurt decided to go off trail for a bit) almost entirely to ourselves.

The views from the lookouts were amazing. We also climbed the fire tower only to learn that the hatch was bolted and we couldn't access the very top. Given how it was swaying and creaking in the wind, I was only too happy to head down.

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Bevlove said...

Great photos ... it's been a long time since we've been to Nashville, Indiana. I love that place.