Best place to get your Zen on

For two years running, the Inner Peace Yoga Center has been voted Indiana's Best in TheIndyChannel's A-list awards. I'm a regular in their beginner two class and can vouch for the high quality instruction and relaxed atmosphere. When my class burst out laughing when the teacher suggested we do 'head-to-knee', I knew I was in the right place. The instructors emphasize proper breathing and alignment and encourage everyone to go at their own pace. Classes end with total body relaxation and in the beginner two class, chanting and alternate nostril breathing (nodi sodhana).

While all of the classes have been good, my favorite is the beginner one class taught by Charles (the owner) on Monday night. He explains the poses clearly and brings humor (and many years experience) to the lesson. In addition to yoga, meditation classes are offered quarterly and chanting takes place on the last Friday of every month. (No singing ability is required - if they let someone as tone deaf as me sing, all are clearly welcome.)


casch said...

You are obviously much younger than I am! I cannot imagine being this flexible!

Rebecca said...

It's funny, I've learned that I have super flexible knees and back, but that my hamstrings are in sad sad shape. There are people of all ages in class, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. :)

WYA! said...

I love yoga and have had this place on my radar for awhile- especially the meditation intensive which I keep meaning to take. Somehow, I ended up going to Invoke and Cityoga periodically (and doing yoga everyday at home) but not here. Thanks for the post.