I love Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Candy apples, scary movies, silly costumes - what's not to love? This year Dr. H and I handed out 53 pieces of candy. I only bought 64, so we came in just under the wire. My dad called and warned me about group of 30 (!!!) kids heading my way, but they never made it here, thank goodness. I was down to about 15 pieces left when he called.

Best costume this year: A 5 year old in a clown suit. Pretty mundane except for the red nose that honked when you squeezed it. Awesome. I bet she was so sick it by the end of the night. Poor girl.

I did my cop-out costume of black tee, ears and tail. Instant kitty! At least I did something, unlike some people I know (Kurt!). I tried to get him to buy the banana suit we saw at Wal-Mart, but he wasn't feeling it. Hopefully next year we'll plan better and come up with coordinating outfits. I think Sonny and Cher has potential. Lucy and Ricky, maybe?

The highlight of the weekend was visiting Kurt's family and playing with his niece and nephew. They were in costume, of course, and looking fabulous. It was exhausting and wonderful with glorious weather to boot! Perfection.

Kitties! Me and James the Fabulous Orange Cat

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