A Thanksgiving Story

The only Thanksgiving movie that comes to mind readily is Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter. While I found it funny, the cynical tone doesn't exactly get me in the Thanksgiving spirit. More suited to the mood of the holiday is What's Cooking? which tells the story of 4 Thanksgivings in Los Angeles - one Jewish, one Vietnamese, one Latino, and one African-American. Family drama is interspersed with each culture's take on the traditional dinner. The shots of the food are gorgeous (and lingering). Do not see this one on an empty stomach. While the acting is inconsistent and the stories are occasionally predictable, the film is fact-paced and engaging and the characters likable. It was especially nice to see the common elements of the holiday (be it turkey or family drama) that transcend cultural differences.

My rating: 6/10


WYA! said...

We like "Home for the Holidays" but that is probably because we are (unfortunately) getting more cynical about the holidays. It's been awhile since we've seen it, but we seem to remember enjoying "Pieces of April" too which has a Thanksgiving theme. While there is the Katie Holmes factor- it is trumped by the wonderful Patricia Clarkson factor.

Rebecca said...

Best line from HFTH: "That's absurd, let's eat dead bird!" I think it (but don't say it) every year.

Thanks for the tip about "Pieces of April". I'll add it to the queue.