Yup, this would be me

From Wikipedia:

The symptoms of jet lag can be quite varied and may include the following:

* Loss of appetite, nausea, digestive problems
* Headache, sinus irritation
* Fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, Insomnia
* Disorientation, grogginess, irritability
* Mild depression

I've been to Europe before but never experienced anything like this. I feel like I've been run over by a truck. One website says it takes one day for every time zone which would mean 14 days of this. Inconceivable! The main advice seems to be eating well, staying hydrated and sleeping. Melatonin is mentioned occasionally, but opinion varies on its safety and effectiveness. I guess I'll just tough it out. Tokyo stories coming once I'm back among the living!


Toyoki said...

Your body clock is turned around, isn't it? Day is night and night is day and everything in between is all messed up. I've found that traveling from west to east is worse than going in the opposite direction. But you know what the Bible says ... "And it came to pass." This TOO shall pass!

casch said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. (I posted earlier, but somehow it vanished.) I'm hoping for your speedy "recovery" from jet lag.

Rebecca said...

I am all better now, thanks! Just having a good time in MI and forgetting to log in. :)