50 favorite words

One of the exercises at a writer's group I attended was to create a list of your 100 favorite words. They can be chosen for their sound, their meaning, or even be taken from poetry or prose. You can learn a lot about someone from how they go about choosing their words as well as from the actual words they choose. It's also a good jumping off point for creative endeavors and wordplay.

I made my list this morning and learned fairly quickly that 100 is a darn lot of words. I think 50 is a more manageable number, so I stopped there. My favorite words are ones that make me smile, due to meaning or just being fun to say. Here goes:

shrubbery * whimsy * mothership * fluffy * cosmic * hollyberry * twinkle * donut * exuberant * delightful * adventure * astronomy * cupcake * moose * moonbeam * conquistador * explore * curious * snuggle * wander * silly * snacks * popcorn * bliss * woolly * poppy * hopscotch * puppy * goldfish * sparkly * meander * muffin * willow * lilypad * dapper * dandy * cad * teacup * bamboo * snout * lollipop * thunder * love * goofy * scandalous * ancient * snort * daydream * sprinkle * flurry

If you make a list of your own, please considering sharing in the comments section!


BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

Now that is a task, Rebecca. As a professional communicator, I have to love language. Or, at least love how it can be used. Off the top of my head (where to even start...?...), I'm going to throw out juxtapose and puss. [Ah]

WYA! said...

2 of our favorites to say out loud: oeuvre and insouciance

mheidelberger said...

I like the words carbuncle(gross, but fun to say) and capricious.

Toyoki said...

"Curmudgeon" is one of my favorite words. Now go away and leave me alone. *Fawz down laffinz*