Chris Isaak Christmas

I'm ambivalent about Christmas albums. I enjoy my Boston Pops album immensely, but pop star versions of the classics leave me cold (of course, they play incessantly in stores - as if Christmas shopping weren't stressful enough). The one exception is the Chris Isaak Christmas album. Yes, I am biased to love all things CI, but his retro, beachy, rockabilly vibe is a wonderful change of pace every December. While his original songs ("Brightest Star", "Last Month of the Year, "Gotta Be Good") are my favorites, he also puts a fun new spin on the classics. The only weak spot is his duet with Stevie Nicks. I like him. I like her. Together? Not so much.

Here's a sample from YouTube. Enjoy!


casch said...

I was out shopping the other day and EVERY song that played in EVERY store and on the car radio was, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" ~ yes, all by different artists, but I was so sick of hearing it, I just quit and came home!

WYA! said...

Yea, Chris Isaak can do no wrong. We love this CD too- it's nice that he does a lot of more obscure ones that you don't hear all of the time.