Free movie Thursday

Hulu recently added North Shore to its list of free movies. In 8th grade, I thought this was the best movie ever made. I've not seen it for years, so I'm not sure how watchable it is for anyone out of junior high. It's the story of an Arizona boy who travels to Hawaii to surf the big waves - a classic coming of age/fish out of water/sports tale. Something for everyone, really. Plus, it's got Gregory Harrison from Trapper John, M.D. (Ok, I dated myself with that. Still ... Gonzo!)

Also worth checking out is The Professional with Natalie Portman and Jean Reno. Directed by Luc Besson, it tells the story of a hitman who takes a young girl under his wing. I admit that I am biased by the presence of Jean Reno whom I adore, but the movie is solidly engaging and the relationship touching and well-portrayed. A must see.


casch said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I will give them a check as time permits.

mheidelberger said...

I love the Professional. There's a little bit of something for every type of movie viewer. Jean Reno gives an extremely charming performance, and the chemistry between him and Natalie Portman works very well. Gary Oldman plays another wonderful, quirky character like always does so well.