'90s night

It's '90s night for me on iTunes. I downloaded Fiona Apple's Criminal, Tasmin Archer's Sleeping Satellite, and Sophie B. Hawkins's Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover for a whole 99 cents each. Single song downloads are a beautiful thing. I used to own a boatload of cds with one or two good songs apiece. Such a waste. My music purist friends give me grief for jumping to the "good songs" on a cd. Something about art and the album being a whole and that sort of stuff. Bah. I'm a simple girl. If I can't sing it, hum it, or shake my booty to it, I'm skipping it. Next on my list is to dig out my college cds and import the choice songs to my computer. Four Non Blondes and Blind Melon on the scene!

If you'd like to enjoy a flashback of your own, check out One Hit Wonder Central. Good stuff.

(In the name of full disclosure, I also got Kanye West's Gold Digger and Christina Aguilera's Keeps Gettin' Better, but that ruins the whole '90s, retro, college vibe, huh? Shh!)


casch said...

Sounds better to have "what you like" versus "what you have to buy" just to get the one or two you DO want!

Toyoki said...

I know absolutely nothing about '90s music. When I was at the University of Hawaii, my students used to lament that '80s music was considered "oldies." I told them not to worry, that I don't know jack about '80s music, and that MY oldies were better described as "ancients."

Bevlove said...

I love the good old Classic Rock-n-Roll ... although I do love Rod Stewart. The only time I listen to music is while I'm driving.

During the Christmas holidays if we are not watching TV, we listen to our wonderful music channel.