Another Etsy find: Cute monogrammed necklaces

I am becoming an Etsy-aholic. There are so many cute finds if you poke around. The creativity is amazing! It makes me wish I were crafty, but it's not to be. If I had a glue gun, I'd probably end up gluing my fingers together. Not pretty.

I remember my mom had a family birthstone necklace back in the '70s. La Bella Jewels are a cute, modern alternative. You can personalize necklaces and bracelets with names, initials, and birthstone charms. Non-moms can enjoy a cute monogrammed necklace. I've got my eye on the Flutterby and the Squarely Modern. You can even add a colored crystal or pearl at no charge. Adorable!


casch said...

My DD has a couple of etsy sites. Try this one: TheLittleBirdie.etsy.com

She has some unique things there.

Rebecca said...

Ooh! Thanks! I'll check it out. :)