Best pretzels EVER

Actual conversation Kurt and I had in Meijer:

Kurt: You should try these pretzels.

Me: I don't like pretzels.

Kurt: But these are good. Try them.

Me: No.

Kurt: They're butter sesame.

Me: No.

Kurt: Seriously, you'll like them.

Me: No.

This went on for a while. In the end my stubbornness won out, and we left sans pretzels. Fast forward a couple months, and Kurt brings out a bag for us to snack on during a movie. I was skeptical. I don't like pretzels. Never have. I'll only eat them out of desperation on long airline flights, and even then I grumble. They're hard and flavorless except for the offensive level of salt. Bleh.

As usually happens when I get fervent and dig my heels in, I must eat my words. Snyder's Butter Sesame Sticks are unbelievably addictive. Granted, I'd prefer them unsalted, but that's a minor point. They have a fabulous sweet butter flavor perfectly balanced by the nuttiness of the sesame and a texture that's crispy without being hard. Awesome!! Kurt mentioned that they're good for dipping, but I wouldn't want to mask the buttery goodness. Two thumbs WAY up.


Toyoki said...

Hah! The guy wins again. Seriously, anytime you don't want to try something, just whisper to yourself, "Green eggs and ham."

Rebecca said...

You boy types always stick together!

casch said...

My stubborness usually wins out also~~well, ok, it PREVIOUSLY won out. I married a man who is more stubborn than I am~My friends are hard pressed to admit anyone is more stubborn than I am.