The best quarter I ever spent

While visiting Kamakura just outside of Tokyo, I discovered what has to be the best value in travel. For only 25 cents, I was able to go inside the belly of the Great Buddha.

Cast in bronze in 1252, the Great Buddha (aka Daibutsu) stands 32 feet tall and weighs 121 tons. It was of the best sights I saw on the entire trip. The statue itself is impressive, but it's also perfectly situated in parklike grounds with hills in the background. I found myself staying longer than intended just to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

The interior is cramped and rather dark, but it is remarkable to see how the giant statue was assembled. Plus, you get a fabulous story to take home.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

Me and the Buddha

Back of the Buddha

Inside the belly of the Buddha


Toyoki said...

Into the belly of the giant, the fearless Becca went,

Five and twenty to the man, our lady did present.

Within the dark and scary bronze she marveled at the Buddha,

Then came back out with digi-pix just like she said she would-a.

Rebecca said...

Haw! Awesome! I bow to your poetic prowess. :)

casch said...

After that beautiful poetic response, all words fail me! :)

Dave, 'LunaPierCook' said...

Hey! You have a blog!! Cool ... ;-)

WYA! said...

Wow, how cool. We're so jealous.