Jennifer Galardi is kicking my butt!

Because I love nothing more than living a cliche, my goal for 2009 is to get in better shape. I'm thin but don't have the endurance/strength that I'd like (as I learned from spending a year with my superfit boyfriend). As much as I love yoga, I'm going to focus more on cardio and strength training. The problems with me and exercise are many: I get bored easily, I need variety, I need it to be fun so I'm distracted from the fact that it's exercise, I am averse to looking looking like a fool in public, I hate cold weather. In one swoop, that eliminates the gym, most aerobics classes, evil exercise machinery, and running/jogging.

My tentative solution is dance. I enjoyed it growing up, and through the wonderful world of dvds, I can make a fool of myself in my very own home. I ordered a boatload of cardio dance workouts since they're cheap and with enough variety I won't be able to cop out and say I'm not in the mood. With ballet, ballroom, latin, hip hop, and more to choose from, surely I'll be in the mood for something on a given day.

So far, my favorite instructor is Jennifer Galardi. She's perky without being annoying and cues well enough that I can catch onto the moves fairly quickly. The workouts aren't overly intense, but I'm out of shape enough that they get my heart rate up. The best part is that it's fun, and I actually look forward to my daily workout. I didn't see that coming!

Collage Video has a great selection of dvds with reviews and clips. The clips are incredibly helpful in sorting out the instructors you'll enjoy from those that will make you throw something through the tv. For those who find tracking their workouts (or weight loss or diet) helpful, checkout SparkPeople. They have articles, recipes, message boards, and an easy to use system for setting fitness goals and monitoring progress.

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casch said...

Sounds like you've got "foolproof" system going there! I keep promising myself I'll get more exercise, but . . .