Mission: King cake

For Mardi Gras this year, Kurt's job is to score a paper crown while my task is to learn to make a New Orleans style king cake. I think he has the easier end of the deal (especially if Burger King is still giving out crowns).

For the unfamiliar, a king cake is a round cake with a brioche-like dough that is filled with cinnamon or cream cheese and topped with icing and colored sugar. A bean or small plastic baby is hidden inside, and whoever finds it becomes 'king (or queen) for the day'.

My history with yeast bread is spotty at best. I've turned out a couple loaves of edible wheat bread, but I've also had a four hour donut disaster that I'm still trying to forget. Hopefully, if I start now with basic bread recipes, I'll be in good shape by February 24th. If not, well, that's why God gave us bakeries.


Toyoki said...

Maybe you could buy one of them plastic baby thingies, take it to a bakery, and ask them if they could bake a king cake for you with the baby inside? That's what I'd do. Yup yup.

WYA! said...

Good for you for making one of these. We pick one up every year at Taylor's Bakery. It is tasty but they don't but the baby in- liability reasons I suppose. I just put up my Mardi Gras decorations yesterday and I love to read that someone else is getting into the spirit here in Indy too!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the Taylor's tip in case mine is a bust!

This week I'm focused on putting together a night for Chinese New Year then it'll be Mardi Gras. The best way to get through winter in Indy is to make the most of things as they come along.

WYA! said...

That is for sure- we're probably celebrating Chinese New Year's at Shanghai Lil's this weekend. You are our kind of people Rebecca- we'll have to meet sometime.