On the radar

Several things have caught my eye lately - some practical, others not so much.

1) Homemade Girl Scout cookies - I am itching to try these recipes for homemade Girl Scout cookies. Tagalongs and thin mints have always been my favorites, but I'll likely make a batch of samoas as well for my dad. Updates forthcoming on how it goes!

2) The Ramen Girl - I know in my heart that this movie will disappoint me, and yet I am itching to see it anyway. I find Brittany Murphy quite likable, and the premise of an American girl in Japan is too good to resist (even if I did see it in Lost in Translation already). If nothing else, I can be on the lookout for familiar Tokyo sights and enjoy the memories.

3) Baby shih tzus! These two are sisters of my Ernie (but from another litter, obviously). I keep repeating my "I do not need another dog" mantra, but they have some powerful fluffball mojo at work on me. I do not need another dog. I do not need another dog ...

4) Around the world cruise - This would be the 'not so practical' that I mentioned above. Still, it's fun to daydream. This itinerary is amazingly perfect - South America, Antarctica, Africa, India, southeast Asia, Russia. Many trips include a leg in Europe or the Middle East, but that doesn't appeal to me nearly as much as crossing the Indian Ocean and docking in exotic tropical ports. There is the pirate concern, but since this is in the realm of daydreams, I'm not letting that get in my way.


Kurt said...

Everything Rebecca makes tastes great, so I am looking forward to those cookies! :-)

casch said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about the cookies also, I might breakdown and start to bake again. Did I ever mention why I stopped baking? My kids grew up, moved out and I was the only one left to eat all those luscious cookies and pies. Well, you know about a waistline and cookies, right? :)

Rebecca said...

That's why I don't bake much either these days! No one to feed it to. Kurt and Dad try to be healthy, so they won't take too many off my hands (unless Kurt can get them straight out of the oven - then look out!)