They're from France

Am I that easy? That predictable? Apparently so. This Christmas, I received two presents that were chosen for me simply because they were imported from France. Maybe my "everything is better in Paris" bias is showing?

Mama and Papa Kurt got me a jar of Bonne Maman blueberry preserves along with several other fab gifts. I'd had Bonne Maman cookies in France but never tried their jams. I was pleasantly surprised to find the preserves full of small, whole blueberries. The consistency is fairly thin with the blueberries adding a nice texture. Even though it's quite sweet, the strong blueberry flavor makes it addictive. I've been spreading it on toast for a mid-afternoon snack. I'm itching to see if their peach and cherry are as good as the blueberry. If so, Bonne Maman may become a staple in my fridge.

My dad came through with a box of French truffles from Trader Joe's. With their irregular shape and dusting of cocoa powder, they don't look terribly appetizing (I won't mention what they bring to mind), but their melt in your mouth consistency and deep chocolate flavor won me over. Their small size makes them the perfect answer to my daily chocolate craving. Hopefully they won't follow my other favorite Trader Joe's products and mysteriously disappear. I think I'll grab a couple boxes next time just in case.

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