Meditation helper: Cosmic Cushion

When I took the meditation class at the Inner Peace Yoga Center, I found my back would begin to ache after only a few minutes of sitting properly. Too many years of poor posture had finally caught up with me. Meditation became an exercise in frustration when I had to clear the thought "My back hurts!" from my mind every few seconds.

During class, Charles recommended a Cosmic Cushion for people having back pain during meditation. I tested one out, and it made a world of difference. Shaped like a fortune cookie, the cushion is 6 inches high at the back and supports your legs as it tapers forward. There is an inset for your feet, so they can tuck in and cross comfortably. Without the cushion, I can sit for 5 minutes without pain; with it, I can easily sit for 30 minutes. Well, my body can. My mind is still learning to be calm for that long.

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WYA! said...

Thanks- I'll be checking that out!