My most dramatic blog post EVER (ok, not really)

I've heard that we're in a "golden age" of television with shows like Lost, The Office, and Mad Men pleasing both fans and critics. Unfortunately, when it comes to tv my IQ drops to around 50. Who needs complex characters, smart dialogue, and thought provoking storylines when you can watch Tyra Banks put 15 young women through a series of asinine tasks to find out who will become "America's Next Top Model" or 25 seemingly normal women lose their minds vying for the heart of the latest bachelor? I know that America's Next Top Model will likely never model outside of a year's worth of Cover Girl commercials during the next season and that the bachelor's relationships have an average shelf life of 6 weeks, but I keep getting sucked in. Maybe it's the escapist absurdity? The comfort of the cheesy traditions? All I can say is that I'm glad ANTM is starting next week. It'll fill in nicely after The Bachelor's most dramatic finale ever.


Craig Miyamoto said...

LOL. Hey! Today's complicated TV dramas like Heroes, Fringe, Lost, ER and Terminator: Sarah Conners are the only way I can keep my retired brain from turning to mush!

casch said...

I would really a couple good sitcoms or westerns~yep, I love a good western! I want to be entertained, not shocked or scared out of my mind. Entertainment, that's what I want.