Terre Haute dining: Magdy's

Kurt and I went to Magdy's for their four course prix fixe Valentine's dinner. Located inside an 1873 Mansion with high ceilings, intimate dining rooms, and carved woodwork, Magdy's seemed like Terre Haute's most romantic dining option. While there is bar seating for those interested in a more lively atmosphere, Kurt and I chose the upstairs dining room and were seated in a small room containing only four tables. While there was an antique chandelier, most of the light came from candles on each table. Great for romance, bad for getting pictures for the blog. Sorry!

Our appetizer choices were smoked salmon, brie with sundried tomatoes, and shrimp cocktail. Kurt chose the salmon which came with capers and toast points, and I opted for the brie. My only complaint was that the portion was so small. I'm not normally a fan of brie, but the flavor combination was wonderful.

Kurt and I both opted for the house salad, and I heartily recommend the house vinaigrette. It is creamier than expected with a nice sweetness. Unfortunately, a mix up in the kitchen led to the salad being served with the entree which wasn't ideal. Since this happened both to us and to another table in our room, it seemed like kitchen was having problems with timing that evening.

Our entrees were tilapia with crab for Kurt and chicken marsala for me. I found the chicken to be good but not great. The roasted potatoes alongside were excellent - tender inside, crispy outside, and wonderfully salty. Kurt was a bit disappointed with his entree, but that may be tied to the fact that it seemed undercooked at first and was sent back to be refired. Mrs. Magdy brought us a plate of homemade baklava and was very gracious and sorry for the mishap.

Dessert was key lime pie for me and cheesecake for Kurt. His cheesecake was good but not extraordinary. My pie was wonderful! It was appropriately pale and creamy and the tart flavor was perfect. I hadn't had key lime pie in years, and it was just as good as I remember.

My overall impression is mixed. The setting is wonderfully romantic, the menu varied, and at several points the food quite good. While the servers were consistently friendly, they were often nowhere to be found, leaving Kurt waiting for drink refills longer than was ideal. Added to the kitchen mishaps, this could easily have marred the evening of a less tolerant diner. Hopefully, the troubles stemmed from the full house for Valentine's Day and the private party being held upstairs. Kurt is skeptical, but I would be willing to give Magdy's another try. Fine dining options in Terre Haute are limited, and I don't want to give up hope that Magdy's can deliver.

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Craig Miyamoto said...

Glad to hear that they fixed up the undercooked fish and compensated Kurt for the faux pas via dessert. There's very little that's off-putting more than undercooked fish or chicken. I'd give them another chance myself.