Indy eats: Hellas Cafe

After last weekend's McFadden lecture at North Central, Kurt and I hopped around the corner for Greek food at the Hellas Cafe. I ordered the chicken gyros platter, and it was excellent as always. Lightly seasoned with soft pita bread and cool, creamy tzatzki, gyros are one of my favorite flavor combinations. After I went semi-vegetarian a few years ago, I was glad to find a chicken option in addition to the traditional lamb. Kurt tried a bite, and I think he wished he had ordered it instead of his lamb kabob. While the kabob was tender and cooked exactly as requested, he thought the flavor didn't quite measure up to that of Castleton's Kabob Korner.

A surprising highlight of the meal was the garlic bread that accompanied the (rather typical) Greek salad. It was drenched in butter and olive oil and had a perfect crisp texture and strong garlic flavor. I was tempted to see if we could order a basket of bread but knew it wasn't in my arteries' best interest. The entrees were accompanied by seasoned green beans and roast potatoes with oregano. Both were good, if not exceptional. The interior of the restaurant is casual, with black painted tables, white walls, and blue booths. If you're not game for a lumpy seat, opt for a table; the seats at our booth were missing a few springs.

Service was friendly but inconsistent. Our orders were taken and the food was delivered quickly, but drink refills were slow, and it took 30 minutes to get the final bill and leave. Not ideal for those in a hurry, but I was enjoying the atmosphere and the company enough not to mind. Plus, few things are more amusing than Dr. H. when he gets impatient. There's belly dancing on Friday and Saturday nights which adds a nice bit of atmosphere.

For me, the delicious chicken gyros trump bumpy seats and slow service, and I highly recommend the Hellas Cafe for Greek food on Indy's northside. Maybe next time I'll remember to leave room to sample the baklava ...

I'm a sucker for candlelight ...

Interior view

Chicken gyros

Lamb kabobs


Virginia said...

How was the lecture?

Rebecca said...

It was a little disappointing. He focused more on his history than on writing/the creative process. He kept it light and funny and most of the audience (85% women) seemed to like it.

I saw Patricia Cornwell a couple years ago at the McFadden lecture, and she was AMAZING. Lots of talk of research and the writing process. Her books aren't my speed (understatement), but I highly recommend going to see her if she comes back through town. Fascinating stuff.