Movie review: Ghost Town

In Ghost Town, Ricky Gervais plays a misanthropic Manhattan dentist who is able to see ghosts after a medical procedure goes awry. While all of the ghosts pester him to help with their "unfinished business", Greg Kinnear is the most persistent of the bunch. He's a philandering husband who believes he was left in limbo to prevent his widow (Tea Leoni) from marrying the wrong man. He seeks out Gervais's help to interfere with her new romance, and (of course) the gruff dentist develops feelings for Leoni himself. As unlikely as their match seems, the scenes between them are surprisingly sweet, and we learn that they have more in common than it would first appear. The weak point of the movie is the lack of chemistry between Kinnear and Gervais. Their long, talky scenes are devoid of humor and cause the second act to drag. The result is an uneven film. We laughed out loud at the opening scenes and later during the "courtship" of Leoni, but the film couldn't overcome the long stretches of the two men talking (and talking and talking). All in all, a disappointment. Maybe they should have cast Elmo instead. At least he and Gervais have some chemistry.

My rating: 5.5/10

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Kurt said...

I thought this was a bit better than 5.5/10; maybe 6.4? I do admit to be snoozy when watching various portions, but I thought I was just tired (and that it wasn't the movie's fault). Movies are always improved when watching with Miss Rebecca, so you might not like this as much as I did.