Peeve: Blogs with music

One of my daily stops on the web is Photograzing. Not only is there mouth-watering food photography, but each pic links back to the source website. It's a great way to find new food blogs and recipes. My habit is to scan the pics, click on all that look promising (thus opening many new tabs in Firefox), and skim them to see if the recipes are worth trying.

Today I had six tabs open in Firefox and a promising cupcake on the screen when all of a sudden The Most Annoying Music Ever began playing. I often joke that my least favorite genre is 'whiny white boy' music, but this 'whiny white girl' music was a new low. I was reminded of cats keening in distress, if that helps you understand what we're dealing with. So I hit mute and skim each blog to find the off button to no avail. I start closing tabs, and through the process of elimination find the offender. There is an off button, but it's at the very bottom of the page and isn't very large at that. I turn it off, unmute the laptop, and wonder what on earth they were thinking.

Even if I had enjoyed the "music", it certainly doesn't mean that I would have enjoyed it right then. I might have been listening to something myself, in a public place, on the phone, or in any number of other situations in which music busting out of the computer uninvited would have been a problem. If you have music so fabulous that you just have to share, be considerate of your readers and make it an "opt in" situation.

Ok, rant over. I feel better. This was so bad that I wonder if it was less thoughtlessness and more outright hostility. Mind-boggling.


Craig Miyamoto said...

I hate that too, especially when I'm multi-tasking. I used to have music on my tiramisu website, until someone wised me up.

WYA! said...

Couldn't agree more- if you have music on your website or blog it just means the first thing I'm going to rush to do is find where the heck the pause/stop button is (instead of looking at your content).

Pam said...

I am not a fan of blogs with music either - it drives me nuts!