The daily shirt

While I'm a huge fan of Threadless, they only come out with new designs once a week. Those wanting a daily fix for their artsy t-shirt needs should check out TeeFury, Woot Shirt, and Design by Humans. All three accept artist submissions and let user votes decide which tees should be printed. TeeFury and Woot Shirt are the most economical options, with shirts from $10-11 shipped.

Me? I'll check 'em out each day but probably hold out for the next Threadless $5 sale. They have a tongue-in-cheek vibe that suits me to a ... well, you get the idea.


Craig Miyamoto said...

I'm liking the Woot tees. Very simple yet pointed. I just may have to buy one of them "Mise En Place" shorts.

BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

Some cool designs at Threadless. But, what if there were a T-shirt company that paid fair-wages to the shirtmakers and gave away ALL the profits to great causes! Oh, wait...there is! Fashionthropic.

Rebecca said...

Cool shirts+good cause=awesome. Thanks for the link!