For the allergy sufferers

You can buy the old formula of Actifed (pseudoephredrine and triprolidine) at Walgreen's behind the pharmacy counter as "Wal-Act". You will have to show your driver's license and feel vaguely criminal, but such is life these days. I'm just happy to be able to find it again. While it makes me a bit drowsy, I've yet to find anything else that can compare when I need cold or allergy relief.


mheidelberger said...

Those old school antihistamines are really the only thing that works for me as well; even though they make me feel like I'm running through a proverbial field of poppies....

Yuda said...

I'm actually on prescription allergey meds (generic Allegra) these days. It works, although when the pollen count is *really* high I still get a bit of congestion.

thunderusa said...

Hey Thanks for your info about
Wal-Act Alergy Relief. I have
been trying to find that stuff,
Walmart doesn't sell it anymore.
This is how I found your info
about Wal-Act, I typed in google
''Wal-Act Alergy 2009''..lol
I wanted to know if Walgreens
have discontinued it....SO
today i'm heading to Walgreens,
ALERGYS do make people suffer
its good to find something that works...Thanks again!

Rebecca said...

Thunderusa ~ I hope you find it and get some relief!