In defense of night owls

As an avowed morning-hater, I was happy to read new research indicating that if allowed to operate on their own schedule, night owls can "outperform the morning types." In the study, late risers were more alert and were able to perform tasks more quickly after being awake for 10 hours. Apparently, a predisposition for early or late rising is genetic with 15% of the population having a strong preference.

My favorite quote:

Those who hit their stride at midnight are often required to then get up early for work or school. They may appear to be lazy or unmotivated – but are really just sleep-deprived.

Amen to that.

Photo by Woodwalker via Wikimedia Commons


casch said...

So glad to hear this as I definitely am a "night person"!

mheidelberger said...

As a night person, I hit my cognative peak around 10:00PM, and usually don't get to bed before 2:00AM and the weekends, 4:00AM. Unfortunately, the job I have begins at 8:00AM; oh well I guess they will have to settle for about 65% of my potential ;)

Rebecca said...

I never understood why it was more noble to be alert at 7am than at midnight. Total discrimination. ;)