Mango lassi

Mango season has begun! For the Indy readers, Kroger has mangos on sale 2 for $1 until 4/29. I picked up two and made mango lassi - basically an Indian mango smoothie. Healthy and delicious!

Mango lassi
serves one

1 mango - peel removed and flesh cut into chunks
6 oz vanilla yogurt (regular, not the extra thick)
6 oz milk
generous pinch ground cardamom

Puree ingredients until smooth using either a traditional or a hand blender. Serve immediately.

- Since the fruit is tender, my hand blender did a fine job. Plus, you can make it right in the glass.

- I measured the milk by pouring it in the empty yogurt container. I'm all about reducing dishes.

- Some recipes say the cardamom is optional, but I disagree. It's a perfect complement to the mango, and the lassi didn't taste right without it. While expensive, a little goes a long way, and you can also use it in chai.

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