Peep madness

Kroger has Peeps for $1 a pack this week. Remembering Easters of my youth, I happily bought two - green chicks and yellow bunnies. I got home, ripped open the package of chicks, and excitedly popped one in my mouth only to learn ... that these things are seriously nasty. Not just sweet, but overwhelmingly, nausea-inducingly sweet. I guess my tastes have matured in the last few decades. Now I'm stuck with 9 chicks and 12 bunnies that are too cute to throw away but too vile to even consider eating.

So I do what any 21st century woman with too many peeps and too little sense would do ... I turn to the internet. Apparently, peeps are a muse for modern times. Some travel, others become jewelry, some take their place in s'mores or milkshakes, and others inspire entire books. The unlucky ones meet their doom in the dreaded microwave. I'm still deciding the fate of my little peeps.

My favorite Peepscapade? The brave chick who donated his wee fluffy body to go where no peep has gone before. Godspeed noble peep!

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mheidelberger said...

I had a chemisty professor that once put one in a vacuum chamber for a negative pressure demonstration. It was interesting; it fluffed out, then when brought back to regular atmosphere, shrunk to about half its normal size.