Dear Mr. Car Salesman

Dear Mr. Car Salesman,

After several afternoons of car shopping, I have some ideas that I believe would improve the car buying experience for everyone involved.

1) Please have a clue about the cars you sell. I understand that you may not know obscure engineering facts, but with a finite number of models available, there's no reason not to know the basic features, options, and prices of the cars you offer. It is your job, after all.

2) Don't ask opinion questions and then tell us we're wrong. If you ask how we think it drives, and we say it lacks pep, please don't lecture us about the "racing heritage" of the manufacturer or the opinion of your other customers. None of that makes the car accelerate when we press the pedal.

3) Don't lie. We have an internet connection, and we know how to use it. We will find out, and you will lose a sale.

4) When asked for specific information, please provide it. If we ask about ABS, tell us about ABS. Do not take it as a cue to launch into a 5 minute spiel about the features you want to promote.

5) Listen. This seems obvious. If you want us to buy a car, you will need to give us what we want. The best way to find that out is to stop talking and listen to what we say. The color is not optional. The features are not optional. Save everyone time and put your effort into tracking down a car that actually meets our needs.

6) Don't ignore the ladies. Newsflash: women drive cars. They also have opinions and influence over the decision making in their family. Condescending to us or speaking past us to the man won't help you make a sale. There are lots of dealers and lots of salespeople. We'll find one who treats us with respect.

7) Any effort at pressure will backfire. Cars are a major purchase that we will have for years to come. We will buy one when we're ready and not a moment sooner. Anything that feels like pressure only works to drive us to another dealer.

8) Don't be weird. Seriously, keep it professional. We are not your new best friend and we know it, so stop pretending. Save your other quirks for after work.

In the end, it's simple. Act professional, be knowledgeable, and treat us with the same courtesy you would desire for yourself and your family. Even if we don't buy a car, we'll be sure to tell others what a good experience we had, and that can only be good for business.

Miss Rebecca


Craig Miyamoto said...

I just may print this out, make copies, and take them along with me whenever I decide it's time to get a new car.

Great thoughts, Rebecca!

It sounds like you've had a recent bad experience with a car salesman.

wouldibuyitagain said...

Very nice post and all are true. My wife and I just bought a car and went to about 5 dealers. We knew more about the car the majority of the time. They tried to up-sell every possible warranty and didn't respect our time or choices on many levels. Service in general is fading at all levels. I was at Kroger and after checking out, the cashier handed me the receipt and said "here you go.." Next time, say Thank You!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! It seems like everyone has a car salesman horror story. It shouldn't be that hard.

And don't even get me started about "service" at the grocery ...

wouldibuyitagain said...

Go for it, don;t hold back Rebecca!

I will start. I was at Kroger and without realizing it, I was in the express lane with 27 items (15 item max). The cashier said excuse me and pointed at the sign. I had all of my groceries on the belt, there was no one behind me.

I said "sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention" He said, it's ok, rules are rules and then I had to take all my groceries off the belt and go over to the next line. During that time, there was no one in his line so instead of checking me out, he cleaned his scanner and wiped down his area. Amazing.

Rebecca said...

WIBIA ~ Ouch! That's a bad one. My low point was when the cashier took a personal call on his cell for several minutes in the middle of checkout. Inexplicable.

BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

Very much enjoyed the list, Miss. Mr. Blonde

casch said...

I have a car salesman story too!! I stopped a dealership looking for a new car~told the salesman what I was interested in, he told me they (the cars I was interested in) were locked then told me "there are some brochures over there on the wall." I walked out, got in my car and drove across the street to another dealership where I was treated like a queen and yes, that's where I bought my new car!