McCormick's Creek State Park

Both Kurt and I enjoyed our visit to McCormick's Creek State Park. While it lacks the interesting limestone features and "very rugged" trails of Turkey Run, the canyon and creek area is fun to explore (except for the snakes!), and the forest was lovely. Our favorite part was wading in the creek and climbing behind the waterfall. If you need a break, there's a lodge in the center of the park with a hotel, restaurant, and lounge. Between trails, we stopped in for a soda and a game of checkers by the fireplace. The park receives fewer visitors than Turkey Run which is nice if you enjoy a more peaceful experience. We went on a weekday and had the trails to ourselves for the most part. Well, other than the snakes.

Waterfall in the canyon
Start of Trail #2
Scrambling up rocks near the abandoned quarry
Raccoon watching us from his perch

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