Homemade soda!

I am obsessed with homemade soda. The flavors are crisp and bright and lack the cloying sweetness of traditional soda. To make Italian soda, simply add 1-2 oz Torani flavored syrup to 8 oz club soda and serve over ice. A splash of milk or a topping of whipped cream will turn your Italian soda into a French soda or creamosa.

Torani offers a great range of flavors. You can find them online or at Cost Plus World Market in Carmel. While Cost Plus doesn't stock every flavor, they had a decent selection, including several more obscure choices like guava and blood orange. The syrups can also be used to flavor coffee or tea or be served over ice cream. I plan to add a splash of peach syrup to my next batch of sun tea.

Photo by Justonlysteve


casch said...

Sounds quite good and easy too~both qualify for a trail run!

Craig Miyamoto said...

I used to be able to find Torani Tiramisu-Flavored Syrup ('cause I'm a tiramisu fiend, of course), but I can't find it lately.

Rebecca said...

They still list the tiramisu on their website. That does sound yummy! I've got my eye on the kiwi.