Borg sandals

I can't think when my feet hurt. I'm grumpy and distracted and truly not at my best. The problem is that I have funny feet (curse you narrow heels!!), so my feet almost always hurt. Even my soft leather loafers caused me to apply 6 bandages every morning in Tokyo just to walk comfortably. How? I have no idea. It defies logic and possibly the laws of physics.

One of the happiest parts of summer is being able to wear flip flops all the time and get a reprieve from shoes that are almost-but-never-quite comfortable. This summer, I stumbled onto something even better than my usual flip flops: Borg sandals! I call them that because I got black, and the narrow "toe tube" reminds me of a Borg eyepiece from Star Trek. They're not much to look at (understatement!), but they are truly the Most Comfortable Shoes Ever. They mold perfectly to my feet, and the large toe piece secures them. They're like a flip flop without the flop. Genius!


Sarah said...

Oooh, great tip! They look similar to a pair of Clarks I has that wore out and I could never find any quite like them.

Kurt said...

Fortunately, you can make any sandals look good.

casch said...

Oh MY!! I hate to talk about feet!! I think I have the world's worst feet~although I'd gladly turn the title over to someone else!