Invasion of the tiny toads

Walking in the woods is one of my favorite things to do when visiting Michigan. We haven't been able to take many walks this summer because of the mosquitoes, but we did venture out to see the tiny toads that have invaded the woods. I have no idea if they're juveniles or wee adults, but they are amazing! They are fully formed and about the size of a dime. Since they were all over the path, I had to be careful every time I put my foot down. The last thing I wanted was be responsible for a toad massacre. The second picture may be of a tiny frog. He was smooth and slimy with a metallic sheen and seemed more calm than his toad cousin when we held him. Who knows, there might be an entire miniature ecosystem out there. Too cool.

Tiny toad (click picture to enlarge)
Tiny frog?


BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

Amphibious plague!!! I've seen this movie. They start out cute enough. Sure! Wait until you feed them after midnight! RUN!!!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Them be toads, all right. I've seen something like this in swampy ponds of water in gardens. But those are baby toads who've just metamorphosed from tadpoles. I've never seen any like the one with the stripe on its eye.

TMC said...

oooooo! Too cute!