Red Mango

Last week, Kurt and I headed to Red Mango in Broad Ripple to sample their frozen yogurt. I'd heard good things about Pinkberry and read that Red Mango offered a similar product. The girl behind the counter told us a bunch of facts using words like 'probiotic' and 'natural' that I missed because I was scoping out the toppings. You can choose from four yogurt flavors - original, pomegranate, green tea, and citrus - and a variety of toppings including fruit, coconut, chocolate, and cereal.

I opted for citrus yogurt with kiwi and mochi (sticky Japanese rice balls) while Kurt got the original yogurt with blackberries and raspberries. The original surprised me because it wasn't the vanilla I was expecting but instead a true, tangy yogurt flavor. It reminded me of Greek yogurt and was only mildly sweet. My citrus had a solid yogurt flavor but also a nice sweet-tart quality that I enjoyed. The kiwi was a perfect match and the mochi added an excellent chewy texture. I would definitely get this combo again. Kurt was pleased with his, as well. It's hard to go wrong when gorgeous, fresh summer berries are involved.

The shop itself is a bit unusual. Minimal and stylish, it lacks tables, instead offering 7 (yes, only 7!), upholstered chairs around the perimeter. We were comfortable, but if you go at a busy time, expect to stand or take your order with you.

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