Hurrah for the Hubble!

Check out these shots from the revamped Hubble telescope. Amazing!

Photo courtesy of NASA


Craig Miyamoto said...

When I saw the title of your blog post, I thought it say "Hurrah for the Hubbie"! What? I knew you two weren't married yet. Whew! I thought I slept through the whole thing.

Hubble has given us such a great payoff for the investment, I think.

mheidelberger said...

The nebula at the bottom right is one of the most famous shots from the HST; if memory serves(which doesn't always deliver), astronomers and astrophysicists are interested due to fact that stars and planets might be forming in this area.

Rebecca said...

Yes! I remember that from "Astrophysics for Non-Science Majors" (<-actual class at IU). Nebulae are star nurseries. So pretty.

WYA! said...

We love these Hubble pics- thanks for posting them.