My beefy little secret

I don't eat mammals. I last had a burger in '94 and can't really say I've missed them much. This makes it all the more strange that one of my favorite destinations on the web is A Hamburger Today. An offshoot of Serious Eats, AHT is a website devoted to the (obsessive) love of the burger.

Why would such a site interest a semi-vegetarian? Part of it is anthropological curiosity. A relatively temperate person myself, I've always been fascinated with subcultures passionately devoted to a subject, be it Star Trek or burgers. But main reason I make AHT a regular read is the high quality of their writing. So many restaurant reviews these days are middle of the road exercises that leave me uncertain if the writer even liked the place (Indy Star, I'm looking at you!). AHT offers well-written, well-reasoned, painstakingly demanding reviews of hamburgers. No restaurant is off limits. They'll try anything from a .79 fast food burger to a $20 upscale burger. Even though the reviews serve no practical purpose for me, I enjoy quality food writing the way they enjoy a quality burger. Until Jeffrey Steingarten comes out with a new book, I'll get my fix at AHT.

Photo by Jef Poskanzer via Wikimedia Commons


Craig Miyamoto said...

Uh oh ... need mammals be on the lookout? Will Miss Rebecca be tempted beyond self-control? Stay tuned. Pictures at 11.

casch said...

I think my last burger was about 1993 or 1994. I'm not a vegetarian or even semi~ Just too much fat. Nope, I don't miss them either.