I love fall, part 2 (foliage edition)


Even the weeds are pretty this time of year


Black-eyed Susans

This one reminded me of spring

A sea of purple


Not technically foliage, but it wouldn't fall without pumpkins


Kurt said...

Beautiful pics by a beautiful girl!

mheidelberger said...

I see you've made good use of the DOF abilities of that 50mm prime. With the aperature ability being able to be set to a wide f/1.8, you can go bokeh crazy! Cool shot! Mums are one of my favorite parts of fall, except for carmel apples...

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I'm still learning just how shallow the DOF is at f/1.8. I've had a couple pics where the focus dropped off too soon. The best part is how much light it lets it. Au revoir tripod! (at least mostly ...)

TMC said...

I always think that the sunflowers begin to look sleepy at the end of the season as they start to bend and droop. :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Ain't hardly nuffin' prettier than flowers ... butterflies maybe ... some birds ... aw shucks.