I love fall

Donkey would rather not be identified

At the orchard store

Al-Mar Orchard, Flushing, MI

Buckets of black walnuts

Wood for the evening fire

Ripe golden raspberries

The start of fall color

Waiting for sunset

A perfect end to the day


Craig Miyamoto said...

We don't have anything like this in Hawaii. In fact, we don't have FALL in Hawaii.

Rebecca said...

The midwest is at its best in the fall. You should come visit! I know Pinchy would have a good time. ;)

TMC said...

My yard is filled with black walnuts. What am I supposed to do with them? Not even the squirrels pick them all up.


love the donkey pic. :)

Rebecca said...

Kurt's dad plans to plant a walnut grove with them. They have a ton of land. Kurt and I wondered if they were edible, but neither of us wanted to be the one to try. ;)

Kurt said...

You are such a good photographer. I am proud of you!!! :-)

WYA! said...

These pics are gorgeous. Autumn is just the best.

Rebecca said...

Thanks! :)

Kurt said...

As Rebecca told me: It's Witness Protection Donkey. Ha!