Don't call it a bucket list

It's become apparent that, contrary to my assumptions, most people do not have a life list. You know, a bucket list (dislike the term, disliked the movie even more) of things to see or do before going paws up. I thought this was fairly standard practice, but I've yet to meet anyone else who has one. And believe me, I ask.

My life list isn't about lofty goals and impressive achievement, instead it's a way for me to remember all of the things I want to be sure to experience while I'm still here. Instead of "write the great American novel," I include things like "ride an ostrich" (#9) and "have dim sum" (#43). So far, the list includes 88 items, and I've done 19 of them. I seem to add them quicker than I can knock them off, but that's fine. It's there more as a reminder, so the next time I'm in Paris I can check my list and remember to try the deux-milles feuilles at Pierre Herme (#80) instead of spacing it and kicking myself when I get home. Maybe no one else is scatterbrained enough to require a list of this stuff? Quite possibly.

Scatterbrained or not, I highly recommend making a life list. There's something exciting about compiling all of the wonderful, kooky things you've ever wanted to do. It's a reminder that we won't be here forever and that all of the minutiae that makes up our days will eat up our lives if we let it. You have to make room for bi-plane rides (#64) and seeing the Taj Mahal (#37) or whatever your special dream is, or it probably won't happen.

So I encourage you to rack your brain, dig up those things you've been itching to do, and set about doing them. Maybe they're for yourself, or maybe they're things you want to do for others. Either way, I think your life will be richer for it. Mine has been.


TMC said...

I don't have that sort of list, but I think I'll write one. Riding an ostrich probably won't be on my list but riding a yak might! :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Maybe someday when I run outta things to do and am getting bored, I'll put one of them lists together. The way I see it, I've done enough in the past and need to relax a little bit longer. LOL.

Susan Lawson said...

This would make a good writing prompt! I like your "paws up," so I think I would call mine a Paws Down List--the things I want to do while my "paws" are still down, and if there's ever a "pause" in everyday demands, I may get to write one.

PS--Thanks for commenting on readcrumbs.com as well.