Wedding photos!

Our wedding day was wonderful! 70 degrees and sunny in Indiana in November? Unheard of! As you can tell from the slideshow, it was a small, non-traditional wedding, but that fit us perfectly. The best part was that it marked the start of a new life with my best friend. I love you, Kurt!

Many thanks to Country Mouse, City Mouse for amazing food and going above and beyond in every possible way with the catering, Taylor's Bakery for a delicious red velvet cake, McNamara for creating gorgeous flower arrangements, Hillary Gordon for recovering beautifully from a fender bender on the way to the church (!!!) and taking fabulous photos, and Pastor Schulz at Divine Savior for being so gracious and officiating the ceremony. You all were wonderful to work with and made our day very special!


Craig Miyamoto said...

Engagement ... check.
Preparations ... check.
Wedding ... check.
Honeymoon ... check.
Posting pictures ... check.

You're happy, we're happy ... CHECK!

shelby family said...

love it .. thanks for sharing:) Aaron and I are very happy for you - enjoy!

Susan Lawson said...

A beautiful slideshow! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for a long, happy life together.

Rebecca said...

Thanks all!

WYA! said...

Congratulations to you both!

TMC said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Your dress was just PERFECT. Congratulations!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks WYA and TMC!

The dress was the third one I tried on. Once I found it, I knew it was the right one and didn't even look further.