Yo professor! Kick it one time!

A couple years ago, I told a friend that one of my requirements in a man was that he know the words to Ice, Ice Baby. I figured this would ensure that he was of an appropriate age and that he didn't take himself too seriously. Early in my relationship with Kurt, I was happy to discover that he had the mp3 and even more pleased when he told me he knew the song. Good character, intelligence, and Ice, Ice Baby? Trifecta!

So in the fall of 2008, after 9 months of dating, it was a bit of a blow to learn that ... wait for it ... he didn't know all the words. Apparently, my dear Dr. H. could only sing along with the chorus. You know the chorus? The one with two whole lines? Yeah. Not good. But he was a great guy with a deep appreciation of the absurd, so we moved on.

Fast forward to 2009. It's the day after our wedding, and we're driving in Madison, IN. I'm taking photos out the car window when I say, "Stop," so I can get a shot. As he stops the car, Kurt says (very calmly, mind you), "Collaborate and listen." Huh. Kurt is known for crazy talk, so I don't think much of it. Then, as we round the corner, he says, "Ice is back with a brand new invention." I look his way with narrowed eyes, trying to figure out what is going on. Another block. "Something grabs a hold of me tightly." And so he continues, a line every few minutes, while I clap and smile and kiss his cheek in delight.

Apparently, he spent the week before our wedding learning the lyrics. He said it was harder than he expected because "it really doesn't make any sense." (Me: What? Doesn't everyone "wax the chump like a candle" and "flow like a harpoon, daily and nightly"?) Given how busy he is with teaching and research, that he would remember this and take the time do it is amazingly romantic. For all of the wonderful things he's done, Ice, Ice Baby may go down as the most special. Who would've thought?

Comic courtesy of xkcd


Kat said...

Bwahahaha! great post. I love that song also. It's so ridiculous and fun.

Virginia @ Where You Hang Your Hat said...

Good story!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Awwww ... what a guy, WHAT a GUY!

casch said...

He obviously loves you bunches!

Susan Lawson said...

He's a keeper!