My MacBook died.

In rural Michigan.

Not good.

I lasted a week without my music, photos, Lightroom, GIMP, email, Facebook, and, worst of all, without Google. I hadn't realized how dependent I'd become on having information a click away. One evening, I made list of Things I Want To Google But Can't. Behold!

cost of a trip to Dubai
rabbit punch
Leroy Neiman Rocky III
True Believer linguine
2009 tax code changes
Jacques Torres wicked hot chocolate
Danish butter cookie pretzel recipe
turbinado sugar Trader Joe's
how to ripen a cantaloupe

In case you're curious: Leroy Neiman played the ring announcer in Rocky's match with the wrestler; you can ripen a cantaloupe in a brown paper bag; a rabbit punch is a punch to the base of the skull (ouch!); the True Believer linguine recipe is originally from Marcella Hazan and is apparently edible/good. I'll be getting to the rest in just a moment ...


casch said...

I understand your feelings. I am quite dependent on my computer also. I keep lots of my recipes in the computer and when I want something, it is so easy to "search" it and if I don't find it, well, like you, I am off to Google! Plus lots of my friends are "in" my computer.

Craig Miyamoto said...

If I lose my google, I think I'd also lose my noodle. Yep, fer shure.

Yuda said...

You need an iPhone.